Tuesday, January 29, 2008

times when i do not want to talk to anyone at work:

1. when i am balancing a piece of cake and holding a mug of hot tea while trying to unlock a door to my other office so that i can hide there for my ten minute break. (especially if you are YELLING at me to tell me about an email you are about to send me that contains information that isn't really very important, and especially times two if this information has already been conveyed to me by someone in person, someone else in a telephone message, and yet another person via email.)

2. while i am ALREADY IN THE BATHROOM STALL AND SITTING ON THE TOILET. (especially if what you are asking me could not be less important. and especially times two if you yell, "SARAH???" and i reply, after a moment of stunned silence, "can i talk to you in a minute?" and then you ASK ANYWAY.)

i hope i find a winning lottery ticket or something soon, because this is getting ridiculous. i need to find someone who will pay me to bake cookies in my pajamas and complain about things on the internet all day long. cranky.


drkstar927 said...

Seriously!?! You need to tell HR. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Get him fired. You have grounds.

PS I love you.

sarah said...

naw, darlin...it wasn't even him! my office is like a bountiful cornucopia of the unreasonable.

ps i love you too. thanks for hanging out the other day; it was excellent.

pps my desk is nice.

SierraValleyMom said...

Other employment idea..Find someone to pay you to write a blog about office etiquette. You could turn your current job into a payload of "What not to do in the office"! You could call it "Everything You Should Have Learned From Watching Office Space, But CLEARLY DIDN'T!" or "Never Talk to Your Co-Workers on the Toilet-And other things Emily Post didn't think to mention!" I know those names are a little long for acronyms (I noticed you like to use c.w.a.j.a.), so maybe E.Y.S.H.L.F.W.O.S.B.C.D. or N.T.T.Y.C.O.T.T.A.O.T.E.P.D.T.T.M. aren't the titles for you. You could always go with D.O.H.! (Dumb office habits), which would be much shorter, though not quite as entertaining.

sarah said...

i dunno, i think DOH is a great abbreviation!