Friday, February 08, 2008

can we all just agree that all votes should be counted?

i cannot believe that we are dealing with this again. i think it's pretty clear to most people that all votes should be counted. unfortunately, "most people" apparently does not include the los angeles county registrar of voters, dean logan, and he's going to invalidate 94,000 ballots of decline-to-state voters (voters who have not registered with one party or another [california has a primary system in which voters can't just choose any old candidate; when a person registers to vote, they have to select a party, and if a person has declined to state, they can request a democratic party ballot but not a republican party ballot]) because of a design flaw in the ballot itself (which was brought to his attention before the election.)

94,000 ballots.
this is about 50% of all decline to state voter ballots in the state.
19.3% of the total ballots cast in the state of california.

i am so disgusted i can hardly think straight. the courage campaign is collecting signatures and comments for a petition.

please go there and add yourself. also, you can call dean logan's office at: (800) 815-2666 if you'd like to weigh in that way.

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