Monday, February 11, 2008

well, at least he keeps things interesting.

i was in my ridiculous boss's office the other day, and i happened to look over at his desk and see that he has a box of tissues. it is bright purple. and guess what it says on the side? levitra. seriously. i'm not even joking. i couldn't make that up.


Anonymous said...


I think we work for the same guy. When told of a recent tree trimming and how we could with binoculars see into his office, does he say "Are you workers going to kill me?"

Nephews Dad

sarah said...

no, he never asked if we were planning to kill him. (the answer: no.)

he did, however, ask me if i would change my mind about quitting, which was almost as ridiculous of a question.

but i've heard a little bit about yours, nephews' dad, and he is also totally ridiculous.