Monday, February 04, 2008

don't worry, scarlett johansson.

i was already planning to vote for barack obama tomorrow on super tuesday. but thanks for the telephone call, all the same.

i need to go outside and garden now, but i hope that you all will consider doing the same. (receiving recorded calls from scarlett johansson, gardening, and voting for obama and not h. clinton.) obama certainly isn't perfect (is anyone?) but he is a step in the right direction, he inspires people, and he's ready to try.

furthermore, i think we have a much better chance at moving away from the recreational war-starting model of foreign policy that we (and much of the rest of the world) has been suffering from over the last eight years without hillary clinton at the helm of our country. she supports the war, in a somewhat inconsistent and shape-shifting fasion (she seems pretty mooshy about most things, actually.) she's also the #1 recipient of moneys from the healthcare industry, so if you have any fragile hopes of perhaps starting to maybe think about taking steps toward possibly trying to fix our spectacular healthcare crisis, you can't vote for her.

also, i think she's pretty much totally unelectable. i think there are few living politicians who inspire the kind of visceral hatred that she does. and i'm not saying that's right, but if democrats could (take a deep breath; this might be kind of shocking) THINK STRATEGICALLY FOR ABOUT TWO SECONDS, i think they might actually realize this.

now, it's grandma-memorial gardening time. hug your kids.

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