Wednesday, February 06, 2008

can we all just agree that i have excellent friends?

i recently received a lenten message that concluded with,
"wishing you would reject capitalism and follow christ and che to liberation."

happy lent.


t4toby said...

Yeah, I never saw that movie. But I became somewhat acquainted with it while searching Google images.

The things you discover with SafeSearch turned off...

t4toby said...

Oh, right. Lent? What's that?

sarah said...

oh man, t4, you had me so confused at first. i thought for sure there was a movie about rejecting capitalism and following christ and che to liberation...and that it wasn't safesearch friendly. it's all starting to make sense.

i saw the premiere of shortbus, complete with one of the actors introducing the film, on a date. it was a little, um, awkward to meet my date's friend, and then see him, much larger than life, on the screen shortly afterward. my date spent a lot of the movie covering his eyes, but i liked it okay. i think i would recommend not watching it in public, though.

sarah said...

and lent. it's the season of the liturgical year that preceeds easter. it begins on ash wednesday, which follows shrove tuesday (also called fat tuesday,) which was this week. during lent, people often give something up (folks will also try to add something in, some sort of spiritual discipline [like prayer time or inspiring reading or service attendance or something.])

i like lent a lot, but i'm still trying to decide what to give up and what to add, and i'm feeling a little late to the party.