Friday, February 15, 2008

i apologize for telling you about that dream i had the other day in such great detail.

it's just that my dreams, which are frequent and vivid, seem absolutely fascinating to me for the first couple of hours that i'm awake, and, as a result, i tend to impose them upon others. but, apart from the crucial 1980's cinematic history lesson (with videos!) it was probably kind of boring.

although, dude! i've been sick for the last few days, and the combination of a fever and many many hours of sleeping has resulted in some truly amazing ones!

don't worry, i've already subjected several people to hearing about several of them, so i'll just leave you with the following tiny bit of a dream and this xkcd comic as an apology.

(but i won't promise never to do that again. because that would be a lie.)

the other day (it was daytime; i was sick and sound asleep) i dreamed that i was in my hometown again, and about to cross the highway when i saw two tiny baby giraffes! they were very, very small (like knee-high [human knees, not giraffe knees]) and very grey, because apparently in my dream, giraffes aren't brown and yellow right from the get-go. the two tiny baby giraffes were tethered together, and also attached to one of those signboards that is made of two pieces of plywood joined at the top. the signboard was advertising a turkish circus that was coming through town, and the two tiny baby giraffes had been tied together, tied to the sign, and set free in the town to shuffle about looking sad and drum up business for the circus. (leaving aside some of the more minor yet glaringly obvious problems with the business model, i would like to point out that very few [if any] people in my hometown read turkish.)

and i decided that i had to rescue the two tiny baby giraffes! but then it turned out that they could run really fast, but then brother bear was there to help me catch them, and we were going to try to get this family who owned a fruit stand near the highway adopt them, and...okay, from there it got pretty bizarre, and i was also traveling in latin america, so i'll just stop telling you about it now.

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